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Welcome to the Donation Page of
Vincent Chauvet

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$100 PAH! ("Finally, at last")
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My Xmas Wish: the Animated Signing Dictionary for Kids

Chauvet Clan...This year I wish that NO GIFTS be given to me and ask you to contribute toward the World's first animated signing dictionary for children!

Since I am the president of Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, and want to tell you again about this landmark interactive website.

It allows kids to look up words according to American Sign Language (ASL)for the first time ever, using handshapes, locations and movements of signs or to search signs according to English words! "ASLPHABET.COM: The Signing Dictionary for Kids" will have a phenomenal impact on literacy of Deaf children and can be used by hearing children and their families as well.
It is unquestionably, one of the most powerful tools ever developed to support Deaf children.

For past 4 Christmases, I dedicated a sign on behalf of your families. This year I will do it differently, I will donate a Loonie ($1) to every Twoonie ($2) contributions that you will make.
Please contribute generously. It 's an well known fact that at least 80% deaf children in Canada dont acquire ASL, an important tool of communication; socialization & education.

Culturally yours...Vincent


The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, a project of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, celebrates Deaf life with exhibits, performances, school tours and workshops. It promotes the arts, language, literature and contributions of Deaf people. It produces award winning educational resources and sign language literature. Visit:

34 Distillery Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4   |   |   fax: 416.203.1086 Facebook

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